Vision & Mission

We believe that an authentic culture of Catholic religious practice is essential for the spiritual growth and the development of faith in our students.

We believe this is encapsulated in our adherence to our school motto of 'Love One Another' which was first commanded by Christ to His Church.

We believe in a learning environment which provides a rigorous, balanced and relevant curriculum focused on the unique needs of each child so every individual is valued, nurtured, cared for and respected.

We believe in the underlying principles of 'Strive, Achieve, Celebrate' to allow each student to reach their complete personal potential.

We believe that the quality of relationships between students, teachers, parents and pastor in the context of Gospel values profoundly influences the learning, development and self-esteem of students and thereby impacts enormously upon the overall well-being of students.

School Peace Prayer


Make me a gentle person,
Who brings your peace to other people.
Where people are sad,
Let me bring joy.
Where people are lonely,
Let me bring friendship.
Where people are hurtful,
Let me bring forgiveness.
For it is in giving that we receive,
And it is in service to others
That we become more like Christ.