Pastoral Care

Care and consideration for staff, students and families is promoted through our integrated pastoral care programs and activities.

Home/School Liaison Minister

The Home/School Liaison Minister is a member of staff who gets to know new children and families as they enter the school. All homes are visited at the invitation of families, and there is pastoral support to families as necessary. The Home Liaison Minister’s role provides an important link between school and families.

Love One Another Weekly Student Awards

Each week, student awards are presented to individuals at our school assembly. Class teachers nominate students for the students awards, they are presented by the Principal and Assistant Principal, and their names are published in the school newsletter. All children receive at least two awards each year. Love One Another Award recipients are nominated by any member of the school community who has noticed a student living out the school motto. The students who receive these awards have their name published in the school newsletter.

K-6 Buddies

To assist with the transition period for Kindergarten children, each child is assigned a Year 6 buddy. The Year 6 buddies read stories and complete craft activities during Buddy Time and are also a point of contact and support for the Kinder children in the playground. The buddy system is a positive model in that it allows the Year 6 children to assume responsibility for a younger child, while at the same time giving the Kinder child an older role model.

Student Representative Council (SRC)

The SRC is comprised of students from each class in Years 5 & 6. The representatives are nominated and elected by their class peers. The SRC works with the Assistant Principal in presenting social skills, values education, and Works of Peace and Justice at school assemblies. They are responsible for raising and lowering the flag, and for meeting and greeting official visitors to our school. Their opinions are sought about certain issues, and initiatives by the SRC are encouraged. At times, members of the SRC are called upon to represent the school at other venues or events.

Other Programs

Other pastoral care programs and activities include:

  • Seasons for Growth
  • Message box
  • weekly class recognition awards
  • Principal's Morning Teas for recognition of effort in the classroom
  • the End-of-year awards
  • High Five plan – assisting students to respond to minor social conflict situations
  • restorative practice as a behavioural management plan
  • an Anti-Bullying Policy and strategies
  • a school counsellor